Let’s do this!

God uses us in various ways and all for his glory. Ministry is for all mankind and can be broken up into 7 general areas for various kinds of people that we are attempting to target.

These ministry areas include the following;

  • Children’s Ministry – Teach children about God and his love.
  • Evangelism for Adults – Let’s get those lost people saved.
  • Homeless Ministry – Show God’s love to the down trodden.
  • Prison Ministry – Give Godly advice, prayer and good news.
  • Widows & Widowers – Visit, Pray for and Assist.
  • Orphans – Visit, Play Games, Show Love and Pray for.
  • Hospital and Hospice – Visitation, Gospel, Healing Scriptures & Prayer

It is our goal to create a network of groups that cater to each type of ministry area. Individuals can be involved with as many groups as god leads them too. Blessings will surely come to all those involved as this pleases the Lord.

Thank you for visiting. We look forward to sharing God’s love with you.